DJ Leedz

Luyolo Makubalo (DJ Leedz) established DJ Leedz Inc to become a leading event partner in South Africa. He is a visionary and an entrepreneur by day and a skillfully versatile DJ by night.



Born in the vibrant windy city of Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth, DJ LEEDZ is by night, a dynamic entertainer with a presence that captures all types of audiences. He is, by day, Mr. Makubalo the Supply Chain Operations Manager and Entrepreneur who is also the founder of Dj Leedz Inc. For almost two decades, DJ LEEDZ has been commanding prime dance floors across the country spanning from East London, along the coast through to Cape Town and also, Johannesburg.

His craft is sensational!
Known for his superior versatility amongst different styles of house, hip hop & RnB and kwaito, he is definitely the obvious choice for any event. When his entrepreneurial spirit met with his outgoing personality and craft behind the decks, Dj Leedz Inc was born. This is a platform in which DJ LEEDZ leads a team of events creatives to best tailor make any event in their customer's minds.

Having attended different types of music industry courses and workshops by industry leaders like Soul Candy Institute of Music and SAE institute, DJ LEEDZ has inspired to become a leading producer, event partner and Deejay in South Africa and around the world.

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